GTM TEC is an independent organization specialized in consulting services in the hydrocarbon sector for energy companies, financial institutions, investors and contractors throughout all the key stages of project analysis and implementation. Our consulting is based on the real experience of our experts who are former executives and project leaders at international EPC contractors and operating companies. GTM TEC experts clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of process licensors and EPC contractors enabling them to read proposals “between the lines”. We protect customers interests and objectives by giving appropriate and timely advice during the tendering process and at each implementation stage of the project.
At GTM TEC we turn our customers' critical issues into opportunities to grow their business through successful project delivery.

We offer the following services:

  • GTM TEC experts extend customers’ organization capability by functioning as owners’ engineers to collaborate as one solid team.
  • Project execution strategy and procedures development and implementation
  • ITT documentation development and technical consultancy at tendering stage
  • Contactors technical due diligence and auditing
  • Contractors progress supervision and deliverables review
  • Concept design and studies

Concept design and studies

GTM TEC global team offers a variety of studies on feasibility, conceptual and front-end engineering for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Our goal is to create value and maximize opportunities for our customers.
  • Feasibility and screening studies – Greenfield Brownfield
  • Conceptual designs
  • Debottlenecking/capacity upgrade studies
  • Process technology studies
  • Facilities engineering
  • Project Management

Project Management

GTM TEC has a solid background and proven experience in commercial contracting utilizing professional industry practices, our consultants understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters, allowing them to identify key issues quickly and find the best solutions for our customers. Our customers hire us to ensure that every aspect of their capital program or project is properly governed, well-executed and fully supported from initial stages of the project through implementation, commissioning and startup. We offer support in project management including:
  • Capital program risk management
  • We help customers quickly and accurately identify, quantify, mitigate and monitor the numerous risks associated with their capital expenditures
  • Project budget and cost formation, review and control
  • Project schedule development and review, progress measurement systems and delay mitigation
  • Scope and change order management
  • Quality assurance and quality control management
  • Contract development and administration
  • Stakeholder communications and reporting


A real learning experience designed to help our customers achieve their business objectives through the transfer of the expertise and knowledge of GTM TEC experts to our customers’ personnel. We develop training programs together facilitating best in-house knowledge in combination with international practices allowing the training courses to be tailored to our customers’ specific needs in engineering, technical and project managementThroughout our seminars and workshops, we intend to enhance our customers’ team capability and confidence in implementation of corporate goals and ambitions.
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